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IT frustrations in business:-
Many firms do not need full time IT personnel. Many firms do not want to ring overseas for help.IT Support
What they do want is the facility to be able to phone a local firm that will talk them through
a problem on the phone or that will turn out quickly to their business and resolve the problem.

What businesses do want is:-
Someone who will speak in normal language not “techno high speak”.
Someone who will not sell them things they don’t need.
Some one who understands the needs of local small and medium sized businesses.
Someone who can set up a single machine or many machines that are networked.
Someone who can set up good protection and a no nonsense back up system.
Some one who can advice them on their IT needs and can support them on an ongoing basis.

What Graphicart can do:-
Graphicart WPD Ltd can supply the technical support for your firm to deal with domain registration;
e-mail hosting; web design; networking machines and back-up systems.
We can look at the way your firm functions, what type of business needs you require and
set up a personalised computer system for your firm.

GWPD IT SupportGraphicart has already put this in place for many firms:-
Cheshire Consultancy Services - Noth West
Britsh Gas Dyno Rod - Northwest
Innfront Training - Congleton
John Potts Electrical Contractors Ltd - Macclesfield
Cheshire Social Services - Cheshire
Cheshire Demoltion - Macclesfield
Chancery Legal - Bristol
SGS Financial Services Ltd - Surrey
John Simons Development Ltd - Macclesfield

Graphicart Site Work
The images below are the main training area for one of our customers.
The brief was “sort it please”,

So that meant:-
1. knock out the walls.
2. rebuild wall and door way.
3. sort out getting it re-plastered, (contractor, not us).
4. sort out getting it painted, (contractor, not us).
5. re-trunk the whole area for internet, network, and voip phones.
6. sort out complet rewiring of electric’s, including lighting (contractor, not us).
7. custom build and install desktop computer with sound system.
8. mount over head projector.
9. sort out new flooring, (contractor, not us)
10. don’t forget the coffee machine.

Basically project manage the whole thing, and the end result being “that's great, please sort out the main coms office and another office (we where not aloud to take any pictures of).

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The Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre is part of UK police and is dedicated to protecting children from sexual abuse wherever they may be.

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